The Space Collaborative Observation Platform (SCOOP) is an upcoming web platform for collaborative coordination of space debris observations. It will offer space debris observern and space debris scientists a tool to easily exchange observational data during observation campaigns and will provide additional functionalities like orbit determination, propagation, correlation and pass prediction.

SCOOP is divided into web frontend, database and backend database interfaces called Service Interfaces (SIs). SIs make it possible for the hoster of SCOOP to connect tools or "Service Programs" for above-mentioned functionalities to SCOOP database and thus enabling end-users to exploit interesting and useful functionalities through these interfaces. SIs will be developed by Technische Universität Braunschweig (TUBS), Institute of Space Systems (IRAS).

SCOOP originates from an Invitation to Tender by European Space Agency (ESA) European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Germany. Deimos Space S.R.L., Romania, is prime contractor, Deimos Space S.L.U., Spain, and TUBS/IRAS are sub contractors. Project start: November 2015. Project duration: 1 year.