Project Description:

Within the STERN II Leonis II project a sounding rocket will be developed, manufactured and launched within a project term of three years. The project focus is on the practical education of engineering students in the aerospace and especially rocket engineering area.

The students gain experiences within a typical space project and become familiar with the project processes and the development of a system from concept to operation. Their work will be attended and examined by professional members of the aerospace field during project typical reviews. On this occasion, the Institute of Space Systems works closely together with the student association ERIG e.V. which works on the development of sounding rockets for more than 17 years. The project is realized within the STERN program, a funding plan of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) (FKZ: 50 RL 1752).

The rocket Faust II, that was developed, is the advancement of its predecessor Faust and is based on a hybrid propulsion concept using hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) and nitrous oxide (N2O) as propellants. This concept unites the advantages of full liquid engines and solid rocket motors and exhibits high safety which is attractive for educational aspects. Moreover, the rocket will be equipped with a telemetry payload and sensors to gather and transmit data during flight. It also will exhibit a recovery system to enable a safe landing.

During project process it was decided to replace the self-developed hybrid propulsion system with a commercial solid rocket motor. Fortunately, all other subsystems can be used as planned, so that the now called “Schwerdtlein” rocket will be launched in October 2020 at Esrange Space Center in Sweden.

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Project term:

01.08.2017 bis 31.12.2020

Contact person:

Francesca Heeg M.Sc.

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Design der Schwerdtlein Rakete



Test launch of test rocket MIMAS

     FKZ: 50 RL 1252