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Laboratory for VL satellite technology and operation (MASTER)



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Laboratory for VL satellite engineering and operations (Master) (space technology specialist laboratory)
Prerequisite: Aerospace Technical bases, space missions and space systems


Experiment 1: Measurement of the characteristic curve of Si solar cell

The current-voltage characteristic of a solar cell is recorded at different light intensities. Determination of open circuit voltage, short-circuit current, max. Power, efficiency. By thermocirculator the influence of temperature is studied.

Experiment 2: Initial Orbit Determination of terrestrial satellite.

In this experiment, angle measurements using a telescope in the evening after dark picked up by satellites flying. Following the test, the path of the observed objects is calculated using the measured angle.

Experiment 3: Simulation of interplanetary spacecraft missions on digital computers [Software]

The movement of the planetary system and the orbital mechanics of interplanetary flights are simulated on the computer including the pictorial representation. By thrust impulse (interactive) Erdflucht and Interplanetary transition is triggered, whereby the influence of the start date, departure angle is so studied.

Experiment 4: Simulation of spin-stabilized satellites on digital computers [Software]

The terms of the stable and unstable rotation symmetrical and asymmetrical satellites are illustrated by a graph of the movements. Nutation and precession movements of the satellites to be examined. There are simulated pivot maneuver spin stabilized satellite.

Experiment 5: receiving an amateur radio satellite

The satellite ground station of ERIG will receive its signal at a flyover of a amateur radio satellite, decoded and analyzed. Prior to the Subspur of the satellite is calculated from given path data that is necessary to determine the antenna tracking. The Doppler shift of the satellite frequency is also used to measure the overflight.

Test 6: Test of a Mini hybrid engine

Competence Field Laboratory aerospace engineering (B.Sc)

The competence field laboratory in bachelor Engineering (specialization in aerospace engineering) takes place under the supervision of the Institute of Flight Guidance (IFF). Contact  

Christopher Trentlage ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel. 0531/ 391-9976).