SILAS (Study on the Impact of Large Constellations on SST Architectures)
Project Description:
Lately the topic of large constellations with several hundreds or even thousands of satellites is getting more and more important. This study investigates on the one hand the impact of such constellations on the overall space debris environment. For this purpose, studies already carried out on this topic will be examined on the one hand and simulations will be conducted on the other, which are intended to cover aspects not yet examined. One aspect that has not been investigated much is the operation of more than one large constellation at the same time. Special attention is drawn to the overall number of objects, taking into account the large constellations. On the other hand the study investigates the impact of such an increased space debris population on SST (Space Surveillance and Tracking) architectures. The question to be answered is whether current SST systems can handle the increased population. For this question there will be also simulations that map the development of the space debris environment in the future and simultaneously analyse the number of objects observed by SST systems.
Project Term:
Contact Person:
Kerstin Soggeberg, M.Sc.
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+49 5313919980