Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Linke 
Room 109
Phone: 0531/391-9963
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Consultation Times: by appointment

Curriculum vitae 
Year of Birth: 1977
Position: Project Scientist 

Dipl.-Ing. (Aerospace Engineering), Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
to 04/2017
Project Engineer and Business Field Coordinator at INVENT GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany
since 04/2017
Scientist at the Institute of Space Systems Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Professional Memberships:

Selection of scientific publications:



S. Linke, L. Windisch, N. Kueter, J.E. Wanvik, A. Voss, E. Stoll, C. Schilde, A. Kwade, TUBS-M and TUBS-T based modular Regolith Simulant System for the support of lunar ISRU activities, Planetary and Space Science, Vol. 180, (2020).
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N. Gerdes, L. G. Fokken, S. Linke, S. Kaierle, O. Suttmann, J. Hermsdorf, E. Stoll, and C. Trentlage,
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Schilde, C., Schlömann, M., Overbeck, A., Linke, S., Kwade, A., Thermal, mechanical and electrical properties of highly loaded CNT epoxy composites - A model for the electric conductivity, Composites Science and Technology, 2015


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A. Voß, R. Freund, S. Linke, E. Stoll, "MIRA3D – a robotic prototype for additive layer manufacturing on the Moon", in International Astronautical Congress, Bremen, Germany, Oct. 2018, IAC-18,A3,2B,11,x43642 (accepted for publication).
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